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TECHCOMP Biosafety Level 3 (P3) Laboratory

Designed for human and environment safety

  • Avian Flu
  • SARS
  • Vaccine Production with animal research
  • AIDS research
  • Defence, Anti-terrorist e.g. Anthrax, Animal Research

Compliance to Regulatory

The BSL3 is designed to meet major international standards

  • WHO
  • US -NIH
  • US -CDC
  • European Standard

Prefabricated and Modular Architecture

  • Rooms, air flow control, air-conditioning, electricity system and machineries
    are completely furnished in factory
  • Proven design and construction
  • Laboratory are tested prior to shipment
  • Minimum on site construction
  • Furnished with biosafety cabinets and double door autoclave
  • Minimum installation required
  • In operation upon arrival
  • Composed of 2 modules
  • Modules can be shipped on the top deck of a regular carrier and for loading
    onto 40ft container truck
  • Easy shipment


  • Approximate 24 sq. meter of main laboratory
  • Cascade negative pressure
  • Cleanliness of Class 100,000 in controlled area
  • Allow 2 technicians to work in the main laboratory

Computerized Control

Designed for human and environment safety

  • Automatic air flow control
  • Pressure and temperature monitor and control
  • Round the clock (24 hours 7 days) monitoring, record and review of all
  • Remote monitoring via internet
  • CCTV surveillance

User interface

  • Operation mode –easy to use interface for daily operation
  • Service mode –makes maintenance and diagnosis accessible

Night mode

  • Night mode can be activated to save much of the energy
    consumption and thus operation cost
  • Day and night mode can be toggled simply by a mouse

Design and Material

  • Wall, Ceiling, Floor are designed and constructed to be reinforced, seamless,
    gas tight and chemical resistant.
  • 304 S.S. fully welded exhaust duct
  • Slip resistant floor
  • Entrance doors are interlock with manual override
  • Keylock system for main entrance
  • Emergency exit
  • Stainless steel, interlocking passbox with UV sterilizer

Other Features

  • HVAC System
  • HEPA filter
  • Bag-In-Bag-Out
  • Air Supply and Exhaust System
  • Autoclave
  • Other Laboratory Equipments