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COM-600 Series Automatic Titrator


  • Large color LCD display the necessary information and real time titration curve.
  • Titration with a small amount of sample is possible. Reducing the analysis costs and waste solutions can be expected. (Optional)
  • GLP correspondent functions.
  • Result storing function to memory cards is provided.
  • The titrator can be used as a titration station for automatic titrator of an upper rank multitask type.
Item Specifications
Titration method Potentiometric titrat ion, Polarization titration,
Photometric titration, Conductometric titration.
Standard: three inputs of potentiometric titration. (Other
titration methods each require a proper measurement
unit (option).)
Measurement range pH: 0 to 14 with automatic/manual temperature
Potential: -2000 to +2000 mV
Temperature: 0 to 100 C
End-point detection method Learn titration, inflection-point detection, set-point
detection, inflection-point/set-point
detection, cross-point (F, B, V1, V2) detection, dispensing
(pH, mL), petroleum product neutralization value mode
(1, 2), pH measurement, pH Stat, pKa measurement, and
Number of endpoints Learn titration: up to 5 end-points, With linked
CONDITIONs: up to 3 end-points.
Display screen Color graphics liquid crystal display
SAMPLE No. SAMPLE No.: 2 digits, ID code: 16 digits of
alphabetical or numerical characters
MASTER files Titration run files: 30
Number of linked CONDI TION files: 7 (up to titration
CONDITION files Titration parameter files: 30 (method (For each end
point detection), CONSTANT parameter (Concentration
calculation constant parameter), control mode files)
Control mode files Standard files: 30
Petroleum product neutralization value files: 30
Manufacturer preinstalled modes (0 to 19),
user-defined modes (20 to 29)