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IC1010 Ion Chromatograph

IC1010 is the latest ion chromatograph model developed by Techcomp on the basis of IC1000. It provides an easy control and fast measurement of various ions. The all-in-one design of IC1010 not only optimizes the routine ion analysis, but also makes the operation more user-friendly. The PEEK flow path on IC1010 are highly resistant to acid and base as well as 100% compatible with organic solvents.

Removal of Carbonic Acid

With the most advanced (the sixth generation) suppression technology, IC 1010 can remove carbonic acid in eluent efficiently by chemical equilibrium so as to eliminate H2O negative peak in the spectrum. IC1010 is compatible with other manufacturer’s columns.

Open System Design

Incorporation of open system design of IC1010, it provides high flexibility in working with columns and even suppressors from other manufacturers

Lower Running Cost

Because eluent has limited selectivity to multivalent ions, it often requires using specified column and even gradient elution. By using Na2CO3 / NaHCO3 eluent, measurement can be performed with common column and gradient elution, resulting in cost saving


IC1010 uses Rheodyne 9725i, all PEK injector, to ensure precise sample loading. Automatic injection can be done by using electronic-controlled Rheodyne 9750E06 injector.

LCD Display

Large LCD can display conductivity, coefficient of temperature compensation, oven temperature and other column parameters simultaneously

IC1010 Conductivity Detector Specification

Conductivity range

1 µs to 1000 µs

Noise level ≤1.5%FS
Baseline shift ≤ ±3%FS
Conductivity cell Bi-polar pulse electrode

Electrode material

US316 Stainless Steel

Conductivity cell volume ≤ 1.3µL
Warranty period One year (including suppressor)
Column oven temperature range 5°C above ambient to 80°C

Column oven temperature precision

± 0.5°C

Dimension of column oven 285 x 40 x 30 mm
Power requirement

AC 220V/110V ±10%,50/60Hz