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UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

UV1100 Series Ratio-beam Spectrophotometer

Aiming at providing customer‘s solution, UV1100 series is the latest developed UV-Vis spectrophotometer with enhancements on larger LCD screen, user-friendly keypad and selfdiagnostic function. It widely applies to the fields of bio-engineering, material research and development, quality control & assurance, and etc.

  • Reliable and economy UV1100 series is an ideal choice for analysis at biotechnology, chemistry, environmental water quality and routine laboratories.
  • 3 models with different spectral bandwidth could be chosen:
    4nm for UV1100, 2nm for UV1102 and 1nm for UV1101.
  • Variety of measurement modes: quantitative measurement, wavelength scan, time scan, ratio calculation and multi-wavelength measurement.
  • GLP/GMP validation function available for wavelength accuracy, wavelength repeatability, noise level, baseline flatness and baseline stability.
  • Large LCD screen and easy-to-use keypad.
  • Entire wavelength scanning from 190 nm to 1100 nm. No sacrifice on high precision at maximum scan speed of 3600 nm/min. Automatic light source switch..
  • Wide range of accessories to meet various applications.
  • Ultra trace sample amount can be measured with optional TrayCell accessory.
  • PC Connectivity via optional UV Analyst Software.
Optics Ratio beam principle
Wavelength range 190nm~1100nm

Spectral bandwidth
4 nm (UV 1100)
1 nm (UV 1101)
2 nm (UV 1102)
Stray light ≤0.05% (220nm NaI, 340nm NaNO2)
Wavelength scan speed 10, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1200, 2400, 3600 nm/min
Wavelength accuracy ±0.5nm
Baseline stability 0.001Abs/hr (500nm, 2 hours later)

Noise level
0.0005Abs (500nm) (UV 1100)

0.0008Abs (500nm) (UV 1101)

0.0008Abs (500nm) (UV 1102)
Light source WI and D2 lamps
Display LCD with back-light (94x70mm)