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Thermal Cyclers


The new TC-3000 is one of the smallest, lowest cost unit on the market. It is available as a stand alone unit in 25 x 0.2 ml or 20 x 0.5 ml microtube interchangeable block formats.

Fastest heating rate

Utilising the latest Peltier technology. The TC-3000 can go up to 3.6ºC/Sec heating
rate and 2.0ºC/Sec cooling rate.

Space saving designed small footprint

One of the worlds best selling thermal cyclers. At only 561 cm2, the TC-3000 is
even economical on space.

Fast-track programming

With modern, intuitive programming and ready-to-go templates, creating even the
most complicated protocols is simple.



    The TC-412 is a high performance, high sample throughput instrument at a highly
    affordable price.

    Flexible block format

    The truly user-friendly fully interchangeable block system allows blocks to be
    exchanged in a matter of seconds without the need of any tools (60 x 0.5ml, 96 x
    0.2ml, 96 x 0.2ml for fully skirted plates, 384-well or flat plate for in-situ).

    New design flexible heated lid

    Defined pressure, programmable heated lid to accommodate a variety of consumables.

    PC networking

    The TC-412 can be connected to a PC along with other Techne cyclers for low volume or high throughput applications using Gensoft*.

    * Up to 32 Techne cyclers can be connected and run through a PC using Gensoft, a software package which can be downloaded free of charge from the website.


    The Techne TC-512 is the only Gradient thermal cycler which enables you to
    optimise your experiments at the “touch of a screen.”

    Wide linear gradient

    The most linear gradient cycler on the market, with an amazing range of 30°C.
    Protocols can be optimised in a single experiment.


    The Touchgene Gradient incorporates a large, 115 x 90mm, touch-sensitive screen
    that provides a unique user-friendly programming interface which is second to

    Graphical display

    The unique ‘real-time’ graphical display shows the sample temperature profile while
    the program is running, including the upper and lower limits of the gradient. This
    pictorial, real-time representation means instant visualisation of your experiment’s