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Ultrasonic Processor

The Vibra-Cell is the most technologically advanced high intensity Ultrasonic Processor
available to the researcher. Highly functional and versatile, it can safely process a wide range of organic and inorganic materials; from microliters to liters. Typical applications include: sample preparation, cell lysing, organelle isolation, disaggregation, extraction, homogenization, particle size reduction, soil testing, acceleration of chemical reactions, testing for cavitation erosion, foam abatement, degassing and atomization.

VCX130-PB & VCX130

  • Net power output: 130 Watts. Frequency: 20 kHz
  • Tip diameter: 1/8 (3 mm). Processing capability: 250 l to 10 ml for VCX130-PB
  • Tip diameter: 1/4 (6 mm). Processing capability: 10 ml to 50 ml for VCX130
  • Automatic Tuning
  • Digital wattmeter
  • Thumb actuated pulser
  • Variable power output control

    VCX-500 & VCX-750

    Net power output: VCX 500 - 500 Watts. VCX 750 - 750 Watts.
    Frequency: 20 kHz
    Tip diameter: 1/2” (13 mm). solid or with threaded end and replaceable
    tip. Please specify.* Processing capability: 10 ml to 250 ml

    • Microprocessor Based – Programmable
    • Integrated Temperature Controller
    • Consistent Reproducibility
    • Digital Energy Monitor and Wattmeter
    • Automatic Amplitude Compensation
    • Real Time Display
    • Ten Hour Process Timer and Elapsed Time Indicator
    • Independent On/Off Pulser


    Net power output: 1500 Watts. Frequency: 20 kHz
    Tip diameter: 1” (25 mm). Solid or with threaded end and
    replaceable tip. Please specify.
    Processing capabilities: 2 liters - up to 40 liters when used with a
    special extender** and a mechanical mixer

    • Automatic Tuning
    • Up to 40 Liters on a batch basis
    • Up to 100 liters/hour on a flow through basis

To meet the high demands of today’s laboratories, Sonics offers two novel multi-element
probes specifically designed for processing up to 96 deep well plates as well as 1.5 - 2.0 ml microtubes and 10 ml test tubes.
Unlike ultrasonic baths, or microplate horn that act as ultrasonic bath, the probes deliver the
intensity directly into the sample, not through the microplate walls where a great percentage of energy can be absorbed. And, unlike single probes with grooved protrusions, these composite probes act as mechanical amplifiers. With ultrasonics, the greater the mass ratio between the probe upper section and the lower section, the greater the intensity at the probe tip.
These 20 KHz multi-element probes consist of a coupler and multiple 1/8” (3 mm) replaceable stepped microtips, spaced 23/32” (18 mm) apart. Prior to assembly, both the coupler and microtips are tested to ensure that their resonant frequency and length are as required. Once assembled, the probe is energized, and tested with fiber optic instrumentation to ascertain that the excursion at the top of each element is within specified tolerance. The complete assembly is approximately 10” (260 mm) long. The probes can be mounted onto a laboratory stand or incorporated into an automated x - y positioning system to satisfy high throughout requirements.
Although originally designed for genomic and proteomic application, these probes can
also be used for cell and tissue fractionation, toxicity studies, sample preparations, ELISAs,
enzymology, protein purification for RNA, DNA, PCR labeling, hybridization, receptor binding
studies, preparation of liposomes, micro emulsions, extraction, desegregation and dissolution.

20 kHz Multi-Element Probes*

Four-element probe
Consists of an aluminum coupler and
4 special microtips.
Aluminum Coupler
Special microtip (250 l 10 ml) for four-element probe
500 watt


750 watt

Eight-element probe
Consists of an aluminum coupler and 8 special microtips
Special microtip (250 l 10 ml) for eight-element probe
500 watt

750 watt

Twenty four-element probe
Consists of an aluminum coupler and 24 special microtips.
Special microtip (250 l 10 ml) for twenty-four element probe

750 watt

Ninety six-element probe
Consists of an aluminum coupler and 96 microtips.
Set of 96 mini microtip (250 l 2 ml) Order No.630-0584

750 watt